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The Tao Field Transformation Program had a soft launch on August 1, 2023. The official launch will be Tuesday, August 8, 2023 at 2 pm ET.

There is an ancient phrase: If you want to know if a pear is sweet, taste it. If you want to know the power of the Tao Field Transformation Program, experience it.

On the first day of Master Sha’s soft launch, participants’ feedback was extremely heart-touching and moving.

Master Sha, an MD in China and a traditional Chinese medicine doctor in China and Canada, is also a Tao Grandmaster and a world-renowned healer. People are suffering all around the world. Master Sha’s mission is to help humanity transform their suffering. Master Sha always says:

No diagnosis is offered, no promises are made.Continue to follow the advice of your medical doctors and other healthcare professionals.This program offers Tao Source love, light, frequency, vibration and most-positive information, energy and matter, which could transform negative information, energy and matter in one system or one organ or one part of the body or one unhealthy condition or one relationship. Thousands of heart-touching and moving testimonials are Master Sha’s report card.

This program is a great package for anyone or any pet who has challenges.

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