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Physical Body

Debra Manning

Back Pain Resolved

Ann Margaret Kelly

Severe Back Pain Gone

Robyn Brent

90 Year Old Woman Back Pain Significantly Reduced

Britta Schmidt

Eyes improved after using touch a button for eyes

Nina Kaiser

Touch the Button for lungs helped me to recover from Covid

Deborah Judith

Touch the Button helped my liver

Hui Ling Li n Lin

Fast COVID Recovery

Natascha Ljubic

Liver pain left me after the free instagram blessing of Master Sha on the 16th of October 2023.

Patricia & Denise Hale

Brother's Heart Avoids Damage

AnnMargaret Kelly

Homeless Woman Finds Hope

Helen Chan

Severe Thumb Pain Gone

Heena Udhwani

Tao touch the button helped my eyes

Dr. Pauline Quimson

how touch the button for the heart has helped me to transform and open my heart

Rodica Harabagiu

Skin Glowing

Rodica Harabagiu

Sensitive Gums Normal Again

Britta Schmidt

Anger and stress

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Master Sha is known globally by many of the leading thought leaders for the transformational practices that he offers.

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Master Sha's Tao Calligraphy is the source healing art, the art beyond the art. He is offering Tao Calligraphy healing for thousands of people. As I travel throughout the world, I realize how much humanity needs Master Sha's healing service offered through the Tao Calligraphy.


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