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Falguni Bakhai

Acute aczema

Victoria Swan

Ulcer and Gastritis Improved Significantly

Irit Furman

Face Swelling & Pain Disappeared

Harsha Singh

Face Swelling Relief From Overheating In Digestive System& Pain Disappeared

Illa Khagram

Tired Eyes Rejuvenated

Claudia Miller

Significant Relief From Elbow Pain

Robyn Brent

Rash On The Back Completely Gone

Agnes Yan

Instant Recovery From Cold Symptoms

Birgit Seefeldt

Recovery From Fatique & Low Energy

Nisha Patel

Urinary Bladder Pain Disappeared

Shu Chin Hsu

High Blood Pressure Returns To Normal

Yamini Mittal

Debilitating Sleep Issues Resolved

Jeetu Khagram

Urinary Bladder Burning Stopped

Diane Fujio

Intestinal Blockages Cleared Out

Tenneyson Smith

Tao Water helped me heal from a cold

Yanan Wu

Arthritis Pain Eliminated

Julie van Beekum-Bech

Stomach Pain Resolved

Margit Stork

Pain In Left Knee Disappeared

Jeetu Khagram

Tao water transformed my blister thank you

Isho McEwen

Shoulder Pain Gone

Shamim Mer

Tao Water transforms my digestive system and abdominal pain

Falguni Bakhai

Energy Increased Significantly

Elisabeth Schricker

Kidney Pain Went Away

Karin Aartman

Energy Levels Boosted

Ronja Riezler

Her Back Pain Was Completely Gone

Natasha Ljubic

Cat's Ticks Disappeared

Terry McGill

Urine Flow Improved Significantly

Edward Anthony

His Prostate Pain Is Gone_

Peggy Anijs

Her Runny Nose Stopped

Susanne Walny

Bladder Condition Improved


Stress Dissolved


Her Thumb Pain Is Completely Gone


Her Shingles Symptoms Are Totally Gone

Anoeradha Kali

Her Mother's Pain After Cancer Treatment Is Gone

Jelena Erceg

Lymphatic Blockages Removed And Skin Cleared

Elisabeth Koch

Teeth Pain After Operation Completely Gone


Significant Relief From Severe Menstrual Pain

Heike Albers

Tick Removed Smoothly

Heike Albers

Relief From Severe Sore Throat

Ratna Bawa

Mother's Heat Rash Healed

Jo-Anne Harring

Back Pain Reduced & Tiredness Completely Disappeared

Dolores Francey

Heavy Stomach Pain Healed

Madeline Agnew

Headaches Reduced By 90 %

Keiko Fuji

My Swollen Gum Is Completely Gone

Shirley Cheung

Headaches Reduced By 90 %

Andrea Kurz

Her Throat Pain Completely Disappeared

Britta Schmidt

Dog's Ear Condition Improved By 90 %

Yvonne Lim

He No Longer Has Sleep IssuesGone


Itchy Skin Relieved


Arm Pain Reduced By 50 %

Deborah Flanagan

Discomfort From Gout Is Gone

Erica Rimmer

Son's Tongue Condition Disappeared

Cenly W.

Cold Symptoms & Nose Bleeding Resolved

Katja Lehmann

Covid-19 Symptoms Resolved

Kristin Strachan

Dog's Coughing & Musculoskeletal Issues Improved

Alexia Cito

Contact Dermatitis Resolved


Her Ankle Pain Totally Disappeared

Helen Chan

Skin Improved 25 %

En En

Fast Recovery From Covid-19


My Frozen Shoulder Was Completely Gone


I've Never Had A Healing Of A Burn Happen Like That

Matea K.

Fast Recovery From Bronchitis

Yvonne Lim

Prostate-Specific Antigen Level Dropped


No More Dry Mouth

Christina Rugina

Free From Severe Colon Pain


His Knee Pain Improved Significantly

Jeetu Khagram

Tao water transformed my blister thank you

Yasemin Modler

Itchy Skin Relieved

Lynne Nusyna

Significant Relief From Chron's Disease

Ximena Gavino

Acid Reflux And Indigestion Gone

Audrey Chua

Sinus Cleared and Breathing Easy

Sascha Höfling

Tao Water for Brain

Zorica Zoe Jovanovic

Tao Water transformed pain in my forearm

ina chartschenko

Flu Symptoms and Emotional Relief

Brianna O'Grady

Tao Water improved my skin.

Laurie Omuro-Yamamoto

Tao Water calmed me down within a minute!

Alexia Cito

Tao Water brought peace to heart transform stress

Heena Udhwani

broken bone yet minimal pain/Tao Water/MS practices

Riitu Mehta

Relief From Dry Itchy Eyes

Rosamund Palmer

Diabetic Blood Levels Improved

Anastasja Schmidt

Adrenal Fatigue Disappeared

Susan Howson

Back Pain Gone and Mobility Restored


Peaceful Heart & Glowing Skin

Nina Kaiser

Heart Pain Gone

Chronic Constipation and Bloating Solved

Micaela Lopez

Gloria Lamboy

Breathing Capacity Improved

Dove Saberon

Pain from Broken Ankle Eliminated

Jacintha Tai

Palate Bleeding And Swelling Stopped

Experience For Yourself

Apply To Join Tao Field Transformation Program

The Tao Field Transformation Program had a soft launch on August 1, 2023. The official launch will be Tuesday, August 8, 2023 at 2 pm ET.

There is an ancient phrase: If you want to know if a pear is sweet, taste it. If you want to know the power of the Tao Field Transformation Program, experience it.

On the first day of Master Sha’s soft launch, participants’ feedback was extremely heart-touching and moving.

Master Sha, an MD in China and a traditional Chinese medicine doctor in China and Canada, is also a Tao Grandmaster and a world-renowned healer. People are suffering all around the world. Master Sha’s mission is to help humanity transform their suffering. Master Sha always says:

No diagnosis is offered, no promises are made.Continue to follow the advice of your medical doctors and other healthcare professionals.This program offers Tao Source love, light, frequency, vibration and most-positive information, energy and matter, which could transform negative information, energy and matter in one system or one organ or one part of the body or one unhealthy condition or one relationship. Thousands of heart-touching and moving testimonials are Master Sha’s report card.

This program is a great package for anyone or any pet who has challenges.

Christine Owen

Back Pain Completely Gonem and abdominal pain

Rechelle Tai

Blurred Vision Cleared

Lorne Kay

Tao Water for my Digestive System

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Master Sha's Tao Calligraphy is the source healing art, the art beyond the art. He is offering Tao Calligraphy healing for thousands of people. As I travel throughout the world, I realize how much humanity needs Master Sha's healing service offered through the Tao Calligraphy.


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